Star Yacht model sailing boat display stands

The iconic model sailing boats produced by Star Yachts of Birkenhead have now become seriously collectable and are often used as decorative props around the home where, with their bright colours, they evoke fond childhood memories of those traditional English seaside holidays.

When the Star Yacht factory finally closed it’s doors in 1990 it’d been manufacturing these wonderful models for nearly 70 years, they were essentially toys – beautifully made and, as proudly boasted on the deck emblem, “Guaranteed to Sail”. Their main purpose was to sail across the uncharted waters of the local park pond, delighting children when they reached the other side and frustrating parents when they didn’t…

Display stands were of little importance – they were never, so far as I’m aware, supplied with the yachts but had to be purchased seperately so, consequently, demand was low and they were only ever made in very small numbers. Those that were produced were very crude, hand painted and not particularly well finished judging by the few examples I’ve been fortunate to find, ultimately – they’re very rare and finding one to display your treasured Star Yacht isn’t really an option nowadays.

With the above in mind I’ve produced a small batch of beautifully made reproduction stands in four different sizes, to suit the majority of models in the Star Yachts fleet, and three different authentic colour variations.

(Please note: All images on this blog can be viewed at a higher resolution simply by clicking on them).

These stands are machined from hardwood, hand finished, professionally primed and topcoated using automotive spray paints, an original Star Yacht deck transfer is then applied before, finally, being sprayed with clear lacquer to protect the decal. To give an idea of the quality of our work please see here.

The extra large stands, shown below, are suitable for the very largest of the Star Yachts fleet and are available in two options:

  • With the text – “Star Yachts Birkenhead – England” which really does show these impressive models off to their best.
  • With an original Star Yachts deck transfer as found occasionally on original, factory produced, stands.

Our small Star Yacht stand is suitable for the following models:

  • SY/0 – SY/1 – SY/2 – SY/3 – SY/4
  • MK/1 “Endeavour I” – MK/2 “Endeavour II” – MK/3 “Endeavour III”


The model in the above image is an MK/2 “Endeavour II”.

Our medium Star Yacht stand is suitable for the following models:

  • SY/4 – SY/5 “Northern Star” – SY/6 “Southern Star” – SY/7 “Ocean Star”
  • MK/3 “Endeavour III” – MK/4 “Endeavour IV”

Please note:

  • The SY/4 and MK/3 yachts represent the crossover point in terms of model size and are equally suited to either the small or medium sized stands.
  • The slot size on both our small and medium sized stands, into which the yacht keel fits, measures approximately 2.7mm and, given the variation in the thickness of steel used on the various models produced, as with the originals it may necessitate the simple packing with card or paper to ensure that the model is held securely within the stand. Full instructions are included.


The model in the above image is an SY/7 “Ocean Star”.

Our large Star Yacht stand is suitable for the following models:

  • BR/2 “Meteorite” – BR/3 “Planet” – SB/2 “Pacific Star” – SB/3 “Arctic Star”


The model in the above image is an SB/2 “Pacific Star”.

Our extra large Star Yacht stand is suitable for the following models:

  • BR/4 “Comet” – SB/4 “Baltic Star” – SB/5 “Western Star”

Please note that over the many years of production, the Star Yacht company produced numerous other variants that will almost certainly fit into this stand. The critical dimensions are that the slot into which the keel fits, is a fraction over 20mm wide and the keels sits to a depth of approx. 37mm. I have a very early “Polar Star” model and it fits beautifully.

The model in the image below is an SB/4 “Baltic Star”.

I would welcome any information about Star Yachts from those who know more about the subject and if you’ve images, particularly of the rarer models, I’d love to see them…

Please note that we do ship these stands internationally – please use the “contact me” link below and I’ll get back to you with details for the various destinations.

There is a little more information about Star Yachts, including a few images, on another of our blog posts – Toy Sail Boats

If you require any further information regarding the above then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.


71 thoughts on “Star Yacht model sailing boat display stands

  1. Hi Mark

    The stands look excellent – what is the actual size of the Small and Medium stand? I have a Blue & Cream SY4 and it will look perfect on your blue stand.


    • Hi Colin

      Many thanks for your interest in the stands.

      The medium sized one, that you’ve ordered, is approx. 82 mm long x 73 mm deep x 38 mm high and is perfect for your SY4.

      The smaller stand, at 66 mm long x 60 mm deep x 37 mm high, would fit but is less stable and proportionately doesn’t look as good on that particular model.

      Hope this helps and if you require any further info. then please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

      Kind regards


  2. Hi,

    I’m currently in the process of restoring a star yacht. Could you tell me where I could obtain a new Star Yacht deck transfer?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Good to hear that you’re restoring a Star Yacht, if you’d like to email me your details then I’ll be in touch & try to sort something out.

      Kind regards


  3. Thank you so very much for helping me to obtain, an ‘almost impossible to locate’ item, to help me complete a Star Yacht restoration project in the Spring.

    A fast and very helpful service. Thanks again.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Always happy to help, glad to hear it arrived safely and good luck with the restoration!

      If you need any further info. just ask…

      Kind regards


    • Hi Debbie

      Many thanks for you interest in the stands and for your email.

      As mentioned – shipping the stands to the US isn’t a problem, we’ve sent a few there now and they seem very popular.

      Your grandson’s yacht is one of the largest that the Star factory produced and I’m in the process of making up a batch of stands to suit the Western Star SB 5, Baltic Star SB 4 and the Comet BR 4. They should be available in the next month or so.

      I’ve already made up a prototype which you can see my own Western Star sitting in if you take a look at an earlier blog post – Toy Sail Boats (it’s shot 4 and if you click on the images they enlarge / open as a slideshow).

      I will upload some better images of it in the next couple of days….

      Thanks again for your interest and if you require any further info. then please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Kind regards


  4. Hello i am trying to restore a star yacht ‘endevour II’ could you tell me where to get the transfers for the deck from?


    • Hi Nathan

      Good to hear that you’re restoring an Endeavour II Star Yacht, if you’d like to email me your details then I’ll be in touch to see if I can help.

      Kind regards


  5. I purchased a reproduction stand for a Star Yacht, and am very pleased with it. It arrived to me in the US very fast and well packaged. Communication was excellent. I highly recommend both the stands and the store.

    • Hi Stephen

      Many thanks for letting me know your stand arrived safely – it was only posted last Thursday so took just 2 working days to arrive with you in the US.

      Thanks also for your kind comments and good luck searching for more Star Yachts…


  6. Hi I’ve just retreaved an SY4 from my wife’s childhood storage and we took my daughter to the local pond for a sail it was good but now I’d like to restore it are you able to supply rigging and sails etc.Also my brother inlaw has an Endeavour he wants to restore can you supply parts for this too?
    Regards Wayne

    • Hi Wayne,

      Good to hear that you’ve rediscovered an old Star SY4 and are introducing your daughter to the joys of sailing it…

      So far as rigging cord is concerned your best bet is a product called “Chalk Line”, it’s manufactured by the company “Faithfull” and should be available from a good builders merchants – it has a product code: FAI 303. You can buy it online but only, it seems, in boxes of 12 at a cost of around £12.

      We have made up replica sails, and we’re happy to quote for doing so, but please bare in mind that they’re produced specifically to order without the economies of scale you’d expect from mass produced items. This generally makes the overall cost prohibitive unless the model is particularly rare or has great sentimental value. If you, or indeed anyone else, requires costs then please contact me with your specific sail requirements.

      I’m more than happy to help, where I can, with parts but generally there are very few items available and most would need to be fabricated specifically – best to let me know what details you need and I’ll see what I can do.

      Thank you for taking time to contact us.

      Kind regards,


  7. Hi

    We need a new mast for an Endeavour IV – can you help or let me know where I can source one from

    Any help would be appreciated



    • Hi Ian,

      Good to hear that you’re restoring an Endeavour IV.

      The mast on these is made from 9 mm (3/8″) dowel and it’s available from most of the large DIY stores.

      The overall length of the mast on this model is 482 mm (19″) with the mast gradually tapering down to 6 mm (2/8″) at the very top. This taper begins 100 mm (4″) from the top.

      Ideally you’d need to put it in a lathe but it is possible to achieve the desired result by hand using sandpaper.

      I hope this helps and good luck with the restoration…

      Kind regards,


  8. Hi, I’ve got a Star Yacht (Southern Star) in need of restoration. I’m trying to find either a reproduction or original decal for the top deck and “Southern Star” nameplate decals for bow. Any ideas where i can find these? Thanks

    • Hi Tim,

      Good to hear that you’ve a Southern Star to restore, I’ve always felt it’s one of the more elegant of the Star Yacht range.

      My apologies for the delay in responding, we get so many spam emails and unfortunately yours got caught up in those…

      I’ll email you details that will, hopefully, help.

      Good luck with the restoration!

      Kind regards,


  9. Hello! I had a Star Yacht when I was little that I thought was long gone. My Dad just found it behind the washing machine at his house! It’s a little grubby But in no worse shape than the last time I played with it, probably almost 30 years ago. Due to wear from salt water and excessive play it’s missing its deck transfer and “Endeavour 1″ transfer from the bow. I should very much like to restore the little boat. I was wondering if you had replacement deck transfers available? (I especially like the “guaranteed to sail” bit…it sure did!) Of course I would also buy a stand for the boat too. Thanks in advance,


    • Hello Keith,

      Many thanks for your enquiry and good to hear that you’ve rediscovered your old Star Yacht.

      I’m more than happy to help with a deck transfer for your restoration and have emailed you details off-line.

      Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


  10. I have an old Endeavour III or IV that I’m looking to restore. Total deck length is 18.5 inches. I’ve sanded it down and was wondering if you knew what sort of paint they used back then. I used to sail it in salt water. Do you carry the old fittings or should I look to have them made up locally? Finally do you still have deck and hull transfers available for what I think was a MK IV?

    • Hello Peter,

      Good to hear that you’re looking to restore your old Star Yacht, if it’s 18.5″ long then it’ll certainly be an “Endeavour IV”.

      I’m not entirely sure what paint type the factory would have used originally but I’d suggest refinishing your yacht with a product like Japlac as it’ll give you a similar, hardwearing, high gloss finish to the original.

      Sadly there isn’t a readily available supply of spare parts for these models so it’s either a case of having them made up or trying to locate another broken model from which to take the relevant bits.

      I’m afraid that I don’t currently have any of the Endeavour IV name transfers for the hull but, if you wished to purchase one of my Star Yacht stands, I could certainly include an original deck transfer to help with your restoration.

      The stand most suited to your yacht is the medium size green version available here.

      I hope that this helps and good luck with your restoration.

      Kind regards,


  11. Good evening Mark,

    I tried to order a green stand on your website but ran into some sort of glitch when attempting to get past the third step (address).

    Any ideas?

    • Hello Peter,

      Many thanks for your interest in my Star Yacht stands and my apologies for the confusion in placing an order.

      For all international orders I generate (and send) a Paypal invoice which you should now have received.

      Thank you again for your enquiry and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


  12. Hello,
    I’m trying to repair my adults sons Star Yacht SY2 sailboat that fell off of a shelf and broke the mast and rigging. I know you don’t sell parts, but I’m looking for help in re-rigging the lines which are all messed up. I can’t seem to figure out what goes where. I’ve been unable to find information and/or a picture with enough detail to get it done. Can you provide any help or steer me toward another resource?
    Thank you,

    • Hello Willis,

      Many thanks for contacting me and my apologies for the delay in responding.

      I’m sorry to hear that your sons Star Yacht is damaged but good to hear that you’re repairing it.

      I’ve taken, and posted below, a couple of shots of an SY/2 yacht in the hope that it’ll point you in the right direction so far as the rigging is concerned. Please note that you can view these images at a larger size by visiting my “Vintage Pond Yachts” page on Pinterest.

      If you’d like any further information then please don’t hesitate in contacting me and I’ll do what I can to help.

      Thank you again for your contact and good luck!

      Kind regards,


      Star Yacht SY/2 Rigging
      Star Yacht SY/2 Rigging

  13. Hello Mark,

    Sometime in the early 1970′s my father bought me a Star Endeavour III around Grand Haven, Michigan, USA. As a boy this little boat saw many evenings of sailing along side the big boats. I’ve managed to keep this keepsake with me through growing up, college, careers, and the miscellaneous twists and turns of my life. Just today I pulled my favorite memory of childhood, the Endeavour III, from a box, stepped the mast, and began searching the internet for it’s history. That’s how I found your site. I can honestly say this little boat has been a friend and mentor to me for 40 years. As I sat here today in Middle-America studying this wonderful piece of history, I realized how informative this friend has been.

    Over the years my family and myself have owned many sailboats, and as I think about those boats, I realize how the shapes, forms, and performance of this pond yacht has defined my tastes in boats today.

    I wish I could pass along my thanks to folks of Star Yachts. They have changed my little life.

    Thank you for keeping the dreams alive and sailing through our memories!

    • Hello Brian,

      Good to hear that you still have your original “Endeavour III” Star sailing boat and thank you for your sentiments, they’re fabulous little models and it’s a shame that they’re no longer in production.

      Unfortunately the factory was the subject of a compulsory purchase order in 1991 and this brought to a close nearly 70 years of manufacturing these iconic little boats.

      Thank you again for taking the time to add your thoughts.

      Kind regards,


  14. Hi,

    I had a SY2 as a kid as did my sister. She now has a little girl coming up for her birthday and I thought a really nice present would be a little pond yacht like we both had. Obviously getting a star yacht is not going to happen. I was wondering if you know of anyone making something similar that is available to buy?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for contacting me and my apologies for the delayed response.

      Good to hear that you still remember the SY/2 Star Yacht you had as a child, as you’re probably aware sadly the company is no longer in production but we do offer a similar range of Skipper traditional toy sailing boats.

      They’re available on the following link: Skipper Pond Yachts

      Currently we have very low stocks as, unfortunately, there have been production issues with the manufacturer. If, however, the item is showing as “in stock” then it’ll be dispatched as soon as you place the order.

      We are expecting new stocks but I’m afraid these won’t become available until early July.

      I do hope that this helps, a toy sailing boat does make a fabulous traditional gift and I’m sure that your Niece would have great fun sailing it.

      Thank you again for your interest.

      Kind regards,


  15. Hi Mark.
    I have just bought a pond yacht Star SY 5, 6 or 7 I am unsure as the seller does not know who made it ,but with comparison on the internet, it looks like the SY7. There is no transfer sticker on the deck. The shape, fittings and the star on the sail tell me who made it but I am unable to see the number. Can you please email me the price of a deck transfer and a stand for it please. I am going to restore it to its former glory and look forward to receiving it in the post. I will only be using it as an ornament in pride of place either on my mantlepiece or on the window sill. I am hoping I am able to wash the sails gently. Do you have a diagram of how to do the rigging (incase I forget how I take it apart or I think there are a couple of ends of rigging that are loose), or is there anywhere on the net where I can look it up. I have tried to look at quite a few star sy classes for the rigging, but nearly all of them are hard to see as the rigging is the same colour as the sails. This will be my first real pond yacht. I made one out of recycled stuff (scaffold board piece for the hull, pop bottle for sails and a long drill bit for the mast) as an ornament for my mantlepiece but a real one will be just as good.

    • Hello Ian,

      Many thanks for contacting me and great to know that you’ve an old Star yacht that you’re looking to restore.

      So far as identifying your yacht is concerned it will be possible to work out from the hull length, as a general rule the sizes are as follows:

      SY/5 “Northern Star” – 18″ long (white with green detailing)

      SY/6 “Southern Star” – 21″ long (white with blue detailing)

      SY/7 “Ocean Star”- 24″ long (white with red detailing)

      There are a few exceptions to this, thought to occur when the factory ran out of the relevant transfers, but these are incredibly rare.

      Out of interest – does your yacht have the earlier round stern or is it the later, more common, squared off version?

      I have posted a higher resolution .jpg of the “Ocean Star” in the hope that you might be able to identify the position of the rigging. The other yachts share similar lines.

      Other examples can also be seen on my “Star Yachts of Birkenhead” Pinterest board.

      There are also downloadable copies of the original Star Yacht rigging / sailing instructions available on the VMYG website that might help you.

      It’s the medium sized display stand that you’ll require for your new yacht and they’re available by clicking here. I’ll also sort out a new deck transfer for you.

      I do hope that the above helps and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require other details.

      Good luck with your restoration!

      Kind regards,


      P.S. You will have email shortly.

    • I will be sailing my yacht when it is restored. I phoned a friend to tell him I had bought one and he said he would have to get his down from the loft and we should have a race. There is a boating pond about 5 miles from me, and a local boat modellers club sail there at meets. Seems I will be having the fun I missed out on when I was a kid. :)

      • Good to hear you’ll be sailing it once it’s restored, these larger Star Yachts sail remarkably well and are great fun!

        Good luck with it!


  16. Dear Mark,
    A few weeks ago I sent a message to you thanking you for the picture of the rigging details of the Ocean Star 7. I am ready to repaint the restored ship and hope that I can locate new decals for the two sides and the deck, are they available?
    What would be the price, including shipping for three medium stands? I live in Michigan, USA so that would be the location that the stands and decals would need to be shipped.
    I also read someone wanted to located new sails and I wish to share that I sewed mine from muslin and you can purchase the eyelets for the rigging online.
    Thanks, Dee

    • Hello Dee,

      Many thanks for taking the time to add to this thread and good to hear that your “Ocean Star” restoration is progressing well.

      I have sent you an email regarding the replacement deck transfers but, unfortunately, the side transfers are no longer available.

      My email also includes the shipping cost of three medium sized stands to Michigan, USA which works out at £7.95 for “Airmail” – we don’t use surface-mail as the cost saving isn’t great and items can take an age to arrive…

      (Please note that shipping is charged at-cost, we don’t mark-up our charges).

      If you’d like to place an order then just send a quick reply to my email with your colour choice for the three stands, either red, blue or green, together with your full delivery address exactly as it should be written on your parcel.

      I’ll then generate, and send, you a Paypal invoice. Your order would be dispatched the moment that we receive payment.

      (Please note that you don’t require a Paypal account to use this service and payment can be made using any credit or debit card).

      Thank you also for the info. about the sails / eyelets, it’s very helpful to others who’re working on similar restorations…

      Thank you again for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,


      P.S. You can also contact me using the following contact form.

  17. Hi, I am presently renovating a Western Star SB5 and also a Pacific Star, I wish to purchase a stand for each of these and also an Orange and Blue SY4. Can I ask if you have the dimension sizes for the mast and spars for the pacific star and also what would be the cost of a set of sails for the pacific. Also I was looking for some deck star yacht decals for all the yachts. Many thanks, Chris.

    • Hello Chris,

      Thank you for contacting me and great to hear that you’re restoring two of the larger Star yachts.

      So far as dimensions for the mast and spars of your SB/2 “Pacific Star” are concerned, I’ve just measured one (a square stern version) and the sizes are as follows:

      Mast – 665 mm height with an overall diameter of 9.7 mm, the top 120 mm section tapers down to 6 mm.

      Main boom – 245 mm long with an overall diameter of 7.5 mm, this tapers down to 6 mm over the final 50 mm end.

      Jib boom – 170 mm long with an overall diameter of 6 mm.

      These dimensions are accurately taken from an original rig, which obviously used imperial size timber, but I’ve successfully purchased similar sizes from the big DIY stores.

      We have made up replacement sails although, because it’s time-consuming and therefore costly, it’s not something we currently offer. Your best bet would be a company such as Nylet who specialize in making replacements.

      I have the stands available for your yachts, the “Western Star” will require an extra large stand and the “Pacific Star” will require a large stand.

      Your SY/4 can fit into either the small stand or the medium stand, although I’d go for the latter as it’s more stable…

      I will send you an email concerning the deck transfers shortly.

      I hope that the above is of help and should you require any further info. then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Kind regards,


  18. Hi, I’ve retrieved my Star Endeavour II from the garage with the idea of introducing my grandson to the pleasure of pond sailing, but I didn’t realise what bad condition it was in. It looks likely that I will be able to remove the fittings and remove the rust from them, the mast and booms are ok. Would it be possible for you to supply me with deck and name transfers along with a display stand. Could you point me in the right direction for obtaining material for replacement sails and rigging.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    • Hello John,

      Good to hear that you’re restoring your old “Endeavour II” Star yacht, I’m sure that your grandson will have a great time sailing it.

      So far as the rigging cord is concerned the best match to the factory original is builders “Chalk Line”, it’s manufactured by “Faithfull” and has the product code: FAI 303. It’s available either online or from some builders merchants.

      The sails are best made from a material called “downproof cambric” which should be available from the John Lewis Group. We have made up sails in the past but the process is extremely time consuming and, unfortunately, is not something that we currently offer. You could also try the sail making company Nylet who specialize in model yacht rigs.

      I have just sent you an email regarding the stand (the small size for an “Endeavour II”) and the transfers.

      I hope that the above is of help with your restoration and if you require any further info. then don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Good luck with it!

      Kind regards,


  19. Hi Mark,
    Just a question about the pacific star, I am at the stage of purchasing sails, by the way the stand looks great as does the deck decal, Many Thanks.

    The sail dimensions, can I just check what the dimensions are before either making up a set or purchasing from nylet.

    I have also noticed on a number of old star yachts, metal deck logo type, that they used aluminium for the deck fittings, is this something that you have seen on older models, I thought most of them were brass!

    Ps the stands for the Western Star and the medium stand both look amazing, thank you.

    • Hi Chris,

      Good to hear from you and pleased to hear that the new stands look great.

      The sails for your “Pacific Star”, assuming it’s similar to the square stern version I have here, should measure as follows:

      Foresail – 165 mm (along the base) x 385 mm (leading edge) x 355 mm (trailing edge).
      Mainsail – 240 mm (along the base) x 590 mm (leading edge) x 600 mm (trailing edge).

      The foresail has a right angle in one bottom corner whilst the mainsail has an angle of approx. 70° between the base and the leading edge. You should be able to draw the sail out using the above but there’s also a shot of the yacht on my “Star Yachts” Pinterest board which might help.

      So far as the older yachts are concerned, the earlier ones certainly had a pressed out brass badge. This was replaced at some point by an early version of the deck transfer before being replaced by the final, and more common, version that we’re all familiar with. There was also at least one other version of the transfer but these are extremely rare.

      I’m not aware of any badge, nor fittings, being made in aluminium so would love to see reference of this if you have it.

      Thank you again for taking the time to post and I hope that the above is of help…

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Mark,

        Thank you for your quick reply and the excellent information, I will contact Nylet and send the dimensions you have given me, many thanks. I am interested in trying to find a company who could make a sail stamp, with the star logo and the individual model type. I will look at the two yachts I have purchased, they do have a lot of the traits of the star yacht but with aluminium fittings. I will take some pictures and attach.

        There is a star yacht, item no 181564571115, on ebay that has a aluminium mast fitting, do you think it is the correct fitting , or a replacement?

        I have bought an Endeavour MK3, but it has no steering gear, it is a square back, when did the rudder and tiller arm come into place?
        Many thanks,


        • Hello Chris,

          Thank you for taking the time to add your post.

          Your square stern Endeavour MK3 is interesting, is there absolutely no sign of a rudder ever being fitted?

          It’s very difficult to pinpoint exactly when the various model changes took place as, although revised annually, the trade Star catalogue used many of the same images year after year. All I can say is that in their 1969 catalogue they show the Endeavour III as having a round stern and no rudder whereas the following year, 1971, the catalogue clearly shows the yacht as having the squared-off stern and a rudder fitted.

          I can only assume that, at some point during the transition, a few models left the factory with the later stern and no steering gear.

          I did take a look at the eBay Star Yacht that you posted a link to and I’m certain that the aluminium mast-step is an addition, it looks to be homemade and it would have been uneconomic for the factory to lavish such time on such a small component for one of their smaller yachts. The small rigging bowsies are also non original.

          I will email you regarding the sail stamp and please feel free to email me images of the yachts you’ve mentioned in a reply.

          Thank you again for your comments.

          Kind regards,


  20. Hi Mark,
    I am renovating an Arctic Star yacht and wanted to ask if you had any contacts where I could buy some brass mast seats, the originals came in two pieces. I am also looking for hull and deck decals for the Arctic Star. I also wish to order a green stand for the Arctic Star.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for contacting me and for ordering a large green stand for your yacht.

      I am able to supply you with an original brass mast step for your “Arctic Star” yacht and will send you an email regarding this and the transfers shortly.

      I hope that this helps and good luck with your renovation.

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Mark,

        The mast step is excellent fits really well , thank you so much. I am renovating an SY 5 and wish to ask if you have the dimensions for the spars, including the location of the drill holes for the string to pass through. I also wish to order a stand, in green, for the SY5.

        Kind regards,


        • Hi Chris,

          Many thanks for contacting me and I’m pleased the brass mast step fits well, it’s actually an original ex-factory stock item dating back to when they closed.

          Thank you also for ordering another green medium sized stand, it was dispatched today so should be with you shortly.

          Unfortunately I don’t currently have an SY/5 “Northern Star” yacht so I’m not able to give the dimensions I’m afraid, although you might be able to gain an idea from the SY/7 on my “Star Yachts of Birkenhead” pinterest board.

          I hope that this helps.

          Kind regards,


          • Hi Mark,
            I am in the process of renovating a star fishing smack, I was wondering if you had the measurements of the mast/spars, rudder and the sails, also do you know the colour the sails came in, I have seen the brown ones, but were there others? I was also wishing to ask if you have a metal deck nameplate or had a contact where I could purchase one, also was there a stand for the smack?
            Kind regards,

          • Hi Chris,

            Many thanks contacting me and good to hear that you’re restoring an old Star Fishing Smack.

            So far as the Fishing Smack is concerned, I assume that yours is the one recently offered on eBay by Chris Oakley? The only sails that I’ve ever seen are the brown ones, I have an original model here somewhere and those are brown, it’s the same size as the one offered by Chris and was built by Star for Lines Brothers. It has “L B 17″ painted in white on the sail.

            I’ve attached a scan of the relevant 1934 catalogue page and, hopefully, you’ll be able to work out dimensions from that.

            Unfortunately the brass deck badges are not available and I’m unaware of any stand that was produced for the Fishing Smack.

            Anyway – good luck with your restoration, early Stars are quite rare nowadays and certainly worth preserving!

            Kind regards,


            P.S. I’ll send a bigger scan of the image direct to your email.

            1934 Star Yachts Fishing Smack

  21. We have a star pond yacht that looks like a Endeavour IV white with green stripe, original deck badge, round stern, 18in hull, 2 sails. It came from England to colony of Newfoundland in mid 30s by a merchant marine as a family gift. Will check on photos. What can you tell us about it- age,rarity and where to find info on it.

    • Hi,

      Many thanks for contacting me and good to hear you have an early Endeavour IV Star Yacht.

      The earliest reference I have that mentions the “Endeavour” name is in the 1939 catalogue, prior to this the yachts that became the Endeavour series were just referred to as MK/1, MK/2, MK/3 and MK/4.

      I’ve attached a scan of the 1939 catalogue page that mentions such yachts.

      Please feel free to email me photographs of the yacht via this website and I’ll add more if I can…

      Kind regards,


      1939 Star Yacht catalogue - page 6

        • Hi Junior,

          Many thanks for the photographs, your yacht does indeed look like an early MK/4 and probably dates to the early 1930′s.

          Nice that it still has the original brass deck badge.

          I’ve attached a scan of the relevant page in the original 1934 Star catalogue.

          I hope that this helps.

          Kind regards,


          1934 Star Yacht catalogue.

  22. Hi , I was after a mast seat for a Baltic Star and various stands for my fleet.

    Are you able to help?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Ed,

      Many thanks for your interest and my apologies for the delay in responding.

      I am able to supply the items you require and have emailed you directly.

      Kind regards,


  23. Hi just found my old star yacht I think it is an Sy 4 it’s yellow with a blue border and red sales can’t find any images of this one any where on the Internet is it a rare one ? Also have another one light blue with dark blue border and white sales and two smaller ones had hours of fun with them when I was a kid

    • Hi David,

      Lovely to hear that you’ve rediscovered your old SY/4 Star yacht, the colour scheme you describe was one of several produced by the factory in the later years of production and not particularly rare I’m afraid.

      The light blue version with dark blue detailing is also as above.

      Good to hear that you remember sailing them as a child.

      Kind regards,


  24. Hi Mark,
    It’s me again asking for more of your invaluable help in a renovation project. I have recently purchased a 30 inch star racing cutter, from Chris at “pondyachtantiques”, I wanted to ask if you had any idea about the dimensions for cutter rigging the yacht, dimensions of the mast and spars would be a great help and any ideas on the creation of a weighted rudder.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Chris,

      Good to hear from you again and pleased to know that you picked up the Star “Racing Cutter” from Chris Oakley that I’d mentioned.

      It’ll be a lovely yacht once finished and I came so close to purchasing it myself but I’ve far too many projects already…

      I’m sure that Chris will be able to supply you with a high res. copy of the relevant page in the 1933 catalogue from which you’ll be able to scale up the dimensions for your rig, unfortunately I don’t have that particular info. aside from what he has given me.

      Also, I’m afraid that I have no info. regarding the “weighted rudder” aside from knowing that they were noted as being “detachable” in the catalogue, it’s unsurprising that they went missing and you’ll probably be able to copy this from any ref. that Chris can supply.

      I’d love to see photos once you’ve finished it? They’re fabulous yachts and extremely elegant.

      Thank you again and I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help.

      Kind regards,


  25. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your reply, I will contact Chris and ask him for a copy of the relevant page. I will send some pictures when I finish the project. Do you do a red large stand with the star yacht logo, the width I need for the racing cutter is 13/16″.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Chris,

      I’d love to see some shots of the yacht once you’ve finished it.

      So far as a stand is concerned – the width of the slot (into which the keel fits) on my extra large stands is about 20mm so these might be suitable? (13/16″ is approx. 19.5mm isn’t it??)

      If you already have a stand for a Baltic Star, Western Star or Comet then you could see if it fits…

      Anyway – let me know and good luck with the restoration.

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Mark,
        The extra large stand, with the star yacht logo does fit, I would be most grateful if you could sell me one, in red, if possible. I will forward any pictures, I am working on the dimensions, scaling up from the picture in the 1933 catalogue.
        kind regards,

        • Hi Chris,

          That’s good to hear, do you have the exact width of the keel in mm?

          I normally only make up the extra large stands in the blue but will spray one up in red for you when I get the chance. I can’t wait to see your finished yacht, it’s a very rare model…

          Kind regards,


          • HI Mark,
            I can’t wait to see it sail, the mast, if my working out is correct, measures approx. 36 inches, there is going to be some sail area on the yacht. Should imagine it will sail really well in the right wind. The exact width of the keel is 21mm.
            Kind regards,

  26. Hi Mark,
    Something else I wanted to ask, do you by any chance have any pre-war deck logos, this is for an early Northern Star that I will be renovating, just bought from Ebay.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Chris,

      Good to hear that your “Star “Racing Cutter” is coming along…

      I have sprayed up an extra large stand in red for you but the slot width is actually 20.4mm so if your measurement of 21mm is accurate it’ll be too small. Could you check and get back to me please?

      In answer to your other question – unfortunately I don’t have any of the earlier deck transfers, there were actually several different variations, which one were you after?

      Looking forward to seeing the finished yacht!

      Kind regards,


      • Hi Mark,
        I have checked the size and the 20.4mm should fit snuggly, I think I was being over generous with 21mm. I am away on holiday so if you could delay the posting that would be great, send me an invoice and I will pay through Paypal. The pre-war deck logo has the all red star, R.T.M. above Made in England .
        Kind regards,

        • Hi Chris,

          Your yacht stand is finished, it looks lovely and is ready for dispatch. I’ve sent you a Paypal invoice so if you’d like to settle that when you’re back from holiday then I’ll send it off to you.

          With regard to the pre-war deck logo, I know the one you mean and have an early “Polar Star” here with the same. Unfortunately they’re not available and, although I’ve considered reproducing them, the demand would be so small as to make it unrealistic.

          I look forward to hearing from you.

          Kind regards,


    • Hello Ed,

      Good to hear that the stands arrived safely and that you’re pleased with them.

      Glad that I could help with the parts, advice, etc. Do let me know if I can help with future models…

      Kind regards,


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